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Company and Industry History

A Family owned business since 1994,  Rick and Laurie Paparo have been helping people control their heating costs by providing highly efficient stoves, service and premium pellet fuel.


Pellet stoves use wood pellets to produce heat. Wood pellets were first manufactured in the 1970s responding to an energy shortage and environmental concerns. Instead of the sawdust from saw mills, paper mills and furniture mills becoming waste in the landfills, it was generated into a cleaner more efficient heating fuel. It is an all natural fuel, no glue or binders are used (in our pellets), the sawdust is compressed at high temperatures to form a pellet. Wood Pellets provide a cleaner burn than any solid fuel due to the optimal burn produced by an efficient heating appliance.


Pellet fuel can be used in a free standing pellet stove, a fireplace insert or a pellet furnace. There are even pellet bar-b-que grills for the backyard gourmet! A pellet stove is an automated wood burner. Easy to use, just load the hopper with the fuel (open bag and pour the fuel in) set the controls. Once the stove is running, it does the rest; delivering the fuel to the burn pot, mixing with the combustion air, and providing the convection heat. All at the rate you set!!


Stop by see a pellet stove running, more importantly feel the warmth of a pellet stove.


We’ll keep a warm thought for you!!