Stove Accessories

Hot Ash Vac --------- $190.00

The Cheetah II Ash Vac by Love-Less is a must have for anybody owning a wood or pellet stove.  This product offers a safe and easy way to clean your fireplace, wood, or pellet stove at any time!  Using a normal household vacuum can be very dangerous, but the Hot Ash Vac is built to withstand hot embers with no problem.  This vacuum is a luxury commodity and has already captured the ash of countless customers, and continues to gain popularity at a rapid rate.


We are currently selling this product for over 10% off retail.  For additional information on The Cheetah II, check out a full description on the Love-Less website!

Pellet Vent

As a full service pellet stove company, we stock all the parts required for a stove installation.  Our pellet vent of choice is M&G DuraVent's PelletVent Pro.  Formerly known as Simpson DuraVent, PelletVent Pro is a venting system designed for wood pellet stoves and is rated for continuous use at temperatures up to 570° F.  This laser-welded, double-wall pipe is encapsulated win an o-ring that provides a secondary seal to the primary metal on metal connection.  Rated for a 1 inch clearance to combustibles, this dependable product ensures a safe and reliable venting solution for your wood pellet heater.

Hearth Pads

Hudson River

We generally stock a large selection of Hudson River hearth pads in our showroom.  We carry both flat wall and corner pads, and the majority of our selection are the standard 40x40 size.  These hearth pads come in a number of colors and styles and are very popular among our stove customers.  The reasonable pricing, reliability, and variety offered by the Hudson River Hearths makes them a great way to add character to your stove and your home.


For additional information on Hudson River Hearths, click the link below to be transfered to their official website.

AJ Hearth Originals

AJ Hearth Originals offer hearth pads to those who want something more specific for their home.  Handcrafted in New England, these custom hearths can be built to fit your personal preferences.  AJ Hearth Originals have been manufacturing these pads since 1998 and continue to do so with quality and craftmanship.


We currently have a few examples of these hearths in our showroom.  Orders for custom pads should be given at least a month to be manufactured and shipped.  Please contact us if you would like to create your own hearth pad through AJ Originals.  Company details and product variations may be viewed at their website.