Our Services

At Vermont Pellet Stoves, we have built our reputation on a variety of quality services.  We have established a loyal customer base throughout Vermont and parts of eastern New York.  We consider ourself a "one-stop shopping" business, meaning we supply and offer all the products and services needed to run and maintain a quality wood pellet heater.  Our 20 years of experience in this industry is what separates us from the rest. 


Here is a list of some of the services we offer year round.


Our installation team has put in literally hundereds of free standing and fire place insert pellet stoves over the years.  We have experience with direct vents, basements, chimneys, roof installs, and countless other unique "puzzles" that a customer or house may present.  Our team uses 4 inch DuraVent as our standard pellet vent.  After the stove is successfully installed, we start up the stove and walk you through the basics on controlling and maintaining your product.


Pellet Delivery

For the convinience of our customers, we offer delivery of our wood pellets.  In our 20 years of business, we have gained loyal customers all throughout Vermont and parts of New York and New Hampshire.  We continue our service to ensure that everyone has access to pellets year round.


Our delivery service is offered in two separate packages.  


The first is what we call a "Roll Off".  This delivery features us bringing the pellets to your home, and literally rolling the one ton pallet into your driveway, yard, or garage.  This is the most cost friendly of our two delivery options, ranging from $15 to $25 per ton depending on travel.


The second of our delivery services is a "Hand Stack".  This premium service features our delivery crew breaking down the pre-wrapped ton of pellets, and stacking the bags individually.  This service is best fit for those who do not have the storage space for pre-wrapped one ton pallets.  Our hand stack delivery ranges in price from $25 to $40 per ton depending on travel and labor.

Stove Service

As Vermont's Pellet Specialist, we service pellet stoves of all makes and models.  Our technician is experienced with Enviro, Jamestown, Harman, Englander, Quadrafire, Whitfield, Pinnacle, Lopi, Napolean, Cheap Charlie, Sierra, Breckwell, Country Flame, and others.  Many other stove retailers do not offer service on their models.  This work has been passed to us over the years, resulting in an unmatched knowledge of wood pellet stoves and the wide range of different models.  

Stove Cleanings

Pellet stoves can last decades if they are properly maintained.  This is something that we stress heavily.  While the stoves are relativley clean burning, weekly maintainance is reccomended for most users.  In addition, we suggest that once every burning season your stove be thoroughly cleaned inside and out.  This can be quite a process for someone without the tools to do so.  This is why we offer pellet stove cleanings year round.  


Our cleanings ensure that your stove will be prepared to burn at its highest potential.  By having your stove profesionally cleaned, it will burn cleaner, more efficiently, and will minimize the chances of experiencing problems with the stove's internal components.  This type of preventative maintenance is what makes the difference between a stove that lasts 2 years, and one that lasts 20 years!


Contact us to schedule your cleaning today!


We can arrange estimates at a nominal for people seeking one of our pellet stoves in Vermont.  Our estimates include one of our installation professionals or sales associates coming to your home or business to take a look at your potential heating options.  We will show you where you can and cannot place the desired pellet heater, and will provide you with an estimate on installation and venting costs.  


These estimates are $25 for locations within 20 miles of our shop. That fee would be applied to your installation costs.  There may be an additional  travel fee associated with estimates outside of the 20 mile perimeter.